BACKGROUND: In 2004, NPCE was selected to manage the Bridging the Digital Divide grant for the Washington State Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs. Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) requested and received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help the Washington State Alliance provide 77 Washington State Boys & Girls Clubs with the technology, staff training and support system they need to ensure that their Club members can become productive and successful citizens. With support from the Gates Foundation, BGCA will enable the Alliance to help Clubs augment the technology they provide to youth, based on what they currently have in place. This project will establish a statewide system of technology training and a peer support network for Club staff to enable them to take full advantage of the technology. Whether a Club is in need of a technology center, training or enhanced software, a partnership with the Gates Foundation will provide the opportunity for each Club to level the technology playing field for its members.

Selected for our strong background and knowledge of technology in Boys & Girls Clubs as well as for our professionalism in development and delivery, the NPCE team has showcases the strength of the Alliance by assuring that the objectives of the grant are not only met, but are exceeded.


Technology Center Installation & Equipment

  • NPCE administered the delivery and installation of 46 technology centers as well as the distribution of 33 multimedia center upgrades (846 workstations total).
  • Coordinated the distribution of 150 machines to Clubs.

Training & Technical Assistance

  • Successfully planned and executed an annual 3-day statewide technology conference for all Club professionals in the state, successfully providing over 1000 hours of training to conference attendees.
  • Developed, planned and implemented an additional 23 trainings at select locations throughout the state, providing 1250 hours of professional development for Club staff.
  • Successfully distributed and tracked all trainings and materials on a custom developed content management system (CMS).

Program Development

  • Managed the annual dispersement of program mini-grants to all Clubs in the state.
  • Developed and distributed the Pocket Protector Program Guide, a compendium of quick-start technology program activities for Club professionals. 
  • Successfully planned and implemented the Tech Road Tour, where the Techmobile visited 10 Clubs during a 2 ½ week road tour, providing direct service to over 450 youth and staff at the Clubs.  Of those youth that visited the Techmobile, more than 80% reported that they would continue to practice what they learned at the Club.

Establishing a Peer-to-Peer Network of Knowledge and Resources

  • Created and manage a mentor team, comprised of Club professionals from across the state designed to provide leadership and expertise for the network.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a statewide intranet site ( to centralize information sharing. The site currently enjoys an active base of more than 200 users.

Successfully deployed a statewide opt-in e-mail marketing program, e-mail updates are sent to all subscribers a minimum of once a month and an archive of all blasts is stored on the statewide intranet.


“ I realized how much the training I have received over the last year from the Alliance has changed the way I am approaching programming here at the Club. I was not very comfortable using technology and actually avoided it before you and your team showed me how fun and useful it could be.”
   PJ Parson
   Program Director Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County, Everett Club

“I just wanted to say how great of a job you did with the kids. They all loved the Techmobile and were excited to tell their parents about it. I even think we’re going to pick up a few more members as a direct result of your visit. Also, I wanted to thank you for showing me the new free software I can teach other members to use.  Your visit was not only fun but helpful and educational too.”
   Rochelle Weams
   Program Director Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound,
   South Pierce County Branch

“In Lynden, the Club the Techmobile visited, the Club is stoked about technology – a real change from the past. They have hopes and plans to work with the members to create a video documentary about a day in the life of a migrant farm worker youth – a goal I never would have expected from them even 6 months ago.”
   Mary Grybeck
   Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County

“The mentor group was able to be a beacon guiding staff to available resources delivering training, hardware, programs, curriculum to all Clubs.”
   Charles Parris
   Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, VP Information & Communication Technology