BACKGROUND: When Intel wanted to create a replica of its successful Intel Computer Clubhouse program at the National Council of La Raza Annual Conference in Phoenix, they sought the assistance of the NPCE team. The challenge was to build a model of the Computer Clubhouse in a constricted, high-traffic, noise-heavy space (a 400 square foot exhibition space) while delivering a quality of product that showcased Intel's commitment to the highest quality technology education programs for young people worldwide. Building upon our knowledge of the Intel Computer Clubhouse model, community technology centers, networking and design, the NPCE team designed and installed a small scale version of the Intel Computer Clubhouse, including 3 pods of computer stations (9 computer systems), 3 plasma screen displays and a digital surround sound system.

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS: The final product delivered by the NPCE team provided Intel with a functional exhibition space that provided opportunities for those attending the National Council of La Raza Annual Conference to gain hands-on experience using technologies from the Intel Computer Clubhouse, but also provided additional eye-catching video and audio displays for showcasing the work of young people in the Computer Clubhouse. The final exhibition space was a seamless integration of the key aspects of the Computer Clubhouse model, while balancing space, traffic and noise limitations.