What started off in 1993 as a one-man operation based in Mesa, Arizona has grown into a complete information technology services corporation. Little did Abraham “Ebby” Sabbagh – founder of Network PC Engineering, Inc. (NPCE) – know that building computers for friends and small local businesses in his garage would soon turn into his ultimate dream.

Ebby recognized early on the most important factors in providing information technology solutions to his customers. First and foremost, they must be given the correct information to make the most intelligent decisions for themselves. And, due to the speed at which businesses move today, they must also receive efficient, effective customer service. These beliefs, along with a dedication to the vision of its founder and a history of loyal clients, helped NPCE to grow, and the company became incorporated in 1998.

While NPCE excels at simplifying solutions to complex back-end interfaces, with the exponential growth of technology, the team is constantly improving itself with training, research and development to provide the best available solutions to its clients.

Responding to clients’ needs for a user-friendly integrated multimedia system, NPCE developed the Multimedia Computer Theater System (MCTS), which successfully integrated PC computer technology with audio and video technology to produce a cost-effective, scalable system. Today, the NPCE team continues to develop the MCTS to keep pace with current technology while maintaining its user-friendly interface.

NPCE has grown to include a staff that boasts almost 40 years of combined information technology experience, but it still provides top-quality service in the same spirit that Ebby envisioned years ago when he started his small, start-up computer business.