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Single-user, volume licensing, charity, education, servers, printers and other peripherals.

NPCE is proud to be an authorized reseller of the following products:



Multimedia Computer Theater System (MCTS)
The MCTS is capable of providing a series of multimedia services built and integrated into one easy-to-use system. NPCE has successfully integrated PC computer technology with audio and video technology to produce a cost-effective, scalable, friendly MCTS system. The MCTS can be used as a computer training aid, to build and record custom trainings, capture video from different inputs, as a professional presentation tool, for conference use, recording plays and activities, presenting educational material in different formats, playing DVD, Video, AVI, CDs, surround sound and 7.1 Dolby® digital audio. A valuable added option is to integrate SMART Board™ technology.

Customized Multimedia & Event Support
Rentals, LCD projectors, projection screens, plasma screens, pllasma stands, techmobile, two-way radios, PA Systems and Gaming Systems (Xbox, PS2).