NPCE, Inc is the one-stop shop for all of your hosted Internet needs. We work with our clients to help provide an integrated suite of solutions for e-mail, Web, online content management and more.

Cloud Backup Service

How good do you feel about your current backup solution? Hardware can be replaced, but in most cases data cannot. Your backups should be affordable, secure, consistent, regular, off-site and, most importantly, hassle-free. Backup up with Mozy Pro will give you all of these things and more.

NPCE is a Plantinum Level Mozy Reseller with years of experience in planning, implementing and maintaining Mozy cloud backups. Call us to find out more about this important service!

Website Hosting
Supporting PHP, ASP, .NET, FrontPage extensions and FTP access

Website Design
Custom website design for all online applications

Content Management System Hosting
Intranet and extranet servers, document publishing, portal servers, groupware tool for collaboration

E-mail Hosting
POP and SMTP services with webmail access, user and alias administration, mail forwarding, vacation messaging and more

Web-based Communication and Collaboration

Google Apps offers simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for your small business – all hosted by Google. While companies are interested in the benefits of Google Apps, many of them don't have the time, staff, or expertise to fully adopt Google Apps into their business processes to empower their organizations. NPCE will provide Strategic business process consulting, worry-free management of the services, and comprehensive support for your Web-based solution.

E-mail Marketing and Surveys

Ready to open the lines of communication? Speak and listen with Email Marketing and Survey by NPCE partner Constant Contact, and begin an ongoing dialogue with your audience.

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FTP Services
Secure file storage and transfer with optional HTTP access and size allocated to meet specific needs

Domain Name Services
Domain name registration and management, DNS record configuration and management

Please contact us so we can create a customized web package for your needs.